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Welcome to about-dev.com

We are a team of two web developers, a more than ten years experienced developer and a six years experienced Zend Certified developer who are passionated about their work.

We developed web applications of all kind, Content Management Systems, blog platforms, on-line shops, simple web sites, etc.

We use XHTML/HTML5, CSS2/CSS3, javaScript/jQuery and AJAX on the client- side and PHP&MySQL, PHP&PostgreSQL or PHP&MongoDB on the server-side and other techologies.

We also work on the MVC structure provided by CodeIgniter framework, ZendFramework or Symfony Framework.

Anyway, we want to use this place to write about things we made and were interesting, tricky things that took us a lot of time developing them and short tutorials about how things are made in PHP 5 through CodeIgniter, ZendFramework or Symfony framework.

Zend PHP5 Certification Claudia Negreanu
Senior PHP Developer

Iulian Dobrea
Senior Web Developer